The Partnership

Established in January 2015, Peterborough Investment Partnership (PIP) is an innovative partnership between Peterborough City Council and GB Strategic Land Fund (GBSLF). By enabling the development of surplus land in the Council’s ownership, PIP is helping to support and sustain the growth and regeneration of Peterborough by creating new jobs, retail, housing and leisure facilities, and by generating reinvestment back into the city.

Peterborough City Council

Peterborough City Council is a unitary authority providing all local government services to the people of Peterborough and its surrounding villages. They have strong strategic and political links, as well as significant local and regional knowledge, helping to identify the needs of local communities. The council is able to identify and assemble sites that will have the most impact once regenerated.

GB Strategic Land Fund

GBSLF brings investment and commercial expertise. They are involved in multiple joint ventures and co-investments with financial institutions, local authorities and statutory bodies. They focus on large scale regeneration projects across the UK incorporating land and infrastructure delivery for residential and mixed use development.