The installation of an historic mural on the side of the multi-storey car park at Fletton Quays is underway.

Construction workers are carefully putting the 84 panels which make up the carved Portland Stone mural, also known as a ‘bas relief’, in place.

The mural was initially carved in situ using a sunk-raised method familiar to the ancient Egyptians on the former Bridge House building in the mid-1950s. It has a total area of around 150 square metres.

It has been held in storage by Peterborough City Council since the Bridge House building was demolished in 2012. The city council then professionally restored the mural before handing it to Bride Hall Developments Ltd, the company developing the multi-storey car park, for installation at Fletton Quays.

The overall site is being taken forward by Peterborough Investment Partnership and Howard Bright, Principal Development Manager, said: “The reincorporation of the mural has been part of the plan for Fletton Quays from day one and the first run of stones is now in. We anticipate the full mural will be in place in May where it will be visible upon entering the site from the main road.

“This is a very precise operation with the mural being erected stone by stone reinforced by a substantial supporting frame.”

The mural was made by sculptor Arthur Ayres for Mitchell Engineering Limited, who occupied the former Bridge House building at the time. Ayres’ family have been involved with the restoration of the mural including providing information and images for two interpretation panels for its new home.

The design celebrates Peterborough’s engineering history and features industry luminaries including Sir Isaac Newton and Archimedes. It also has a number of figures from mythology, including Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts.

Bride Hall Developments Ltd with main contractor Bowmer & Kirkland are also delivering the new office building for Peterborough City Council situated close to the car park, all on schedule for practical completion in June.

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